signature frames

Fill your walls with memories

Our SIGNATURE FRAME COLLECTION is hand crafted from solid wood and made to last.  They come standard with conservation grade acrylic, acid-free 4 ply mattes, and are guaranteed to last (100% satisfaction guarantee, or your money back).  We take great pride in our selections and have a style for just about anyone; whether rustic, modern, transitional, or metallic, we've got you covered.  

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The "Stephanie (SM) White" is one of our small size frames from our modern, white collection.  It has a smooth, satin white finish (not high gloss). It is NOT deep enough to serve as a shadowbox frame, but can be mounted traditionally.  Works great for framing just about any art piece of most any style.  

Measures: 11/16" wide; 1 1/2" deep (off the wall)

Stephanie White

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The Corinna is one of our small size frames from our (mildly) distressed, black collection.  It has smooth raised "square" features alternating with distressed valleys.  It has a petite profile, but feels slightly masculine.  Works great as an accent art frame or for framing a newborn, family, or landscape art piece.

Measures: 5/8" wide; 3/4" deep (off the wall)

 *NOTE: Due to the alternating peaks/valleys in this frame, "corners" will not always be aligned; the cut may show ever so slightly when viewed from the edge.


Measures: 1 1/8" Wide x 1 1/8" Tall (Off the wall)